Twenty Minutes in the Garden


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I just can’t help myself, every time I go out in the garden I look for the tiniest detail. This has been going on ever since I attached my wife’s macro lens to my camera. When I can’t find anything I go for the routine. I have two crab spiders who have set up shop, one in an evening primrose, the other in our vervain.

The first picture is of a bee who got lucky, the second bee not so.

My next picture was what I thought was a stick bug. I have no idea, the greenery is a blade of grass. It might be a baby.

Next I wandered to my raspberry bush and found this bug on the stem. I think it is a brown marmorated stink bug.  Looks like he ate a spider.


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Today the mallow opened. Because of the rain in the spring, this plant is loaded.

A bashful earwig in Evening Primrose , Black Eyed Susan, and Allium for Stormi Hunt .

If I find time I will paint it. 🙂

The last one is a Thrip or Whitefly on our clothesline. This is over exposed but i love the eyes and the look. And a little rust.



Walking around my gardens for 10 minutes I wondered how i was going to be able to keep posting my twenty minute theme. I took pictures of my Coriander, an ornamental hops plant, and a golden tortoise beetle. The problem was everything else was looking the same.

I wandered off to the back of our property and spotted a small bug in a spider web. Took a picture and looked at it . Well whatever it was I had never seen anything like it. I freed it from the web, cleaned off the cobwebs the best i could and started taking pictures. It is a candy striped leaf hopper. The wind was blowing it around on the table, patiently I kept putting him back in place, then his one wing fell off.

After that I took a few more pics in and around my greenhouse. I have this shot of a male mosquito, which I thought had dandelion fluff on his antenna. Turns out that is the antenna. Some type of cocoon, and clover mites on my pumpkin leaves. I grow my pumpkin in the greenhouse because raccoons kept eating holes in them.


When I was a kid I remember moss formed on the north side of the tree. Now I see it going around all of the tree and it’s branches. I wonder what hemisphere I live in now?

I don’t know what this was! Could be a wasp or an ant. It was hanging in a web above my tomato plants.

I found this fly hiding on a cucumber leaf.The fly is one of the most photographic bugs I have seen. It’s almost like they see their reflection in your lens and clean themselves in the reflection.


My last pictures are of a fly in bee balm, the background reminds me of Christmas, and cedar tree seeds and branches up close.


I have been watching a monarch butterfly in my garden for weeks. My mother in-law asked me to get a picture.Well they have eyes in the back of their heads, or some kind of super hearing. Only once did I get close enough. I was using my wife’s macro lens at 1-1.

I was trying to follow guidelines to great macro. For one, the subject doesn’t fit in the pic. They also don’t hang around very long. Trial and error should be my title because today I just took the pic available to me.

Happy with getting the monarch shot after what seemed like 3 weeks, I took these pictures:

Anise Hyssop….Hops…Dill Seed tops, just because they rhyme. The last one was tough.

I think the lesson should be just have fun out there.

Twenty Minutes in the Garden – August 13, 2017

Sweat Bees, I never knew they existed. What led me to the shot was the bright metallic green. Like a fancy sports car. The light glistened of his exterior with a two tone sheen, like a $5500 paint job. Green and copper. Our oregano is a real bug magnet!

Aphid`s and there youngin’

Yesterday I fed blue jays peanuts to get the shot. Today I realized everything likes peanuts. Blue jays, squirrels and blackbirds. Rebel girl confiscated her macro lens, so I grabbed my 75-300 mm lens and a handful of peanuts .

20 Minutes In The Garden

I would like to spend 20 minutes a day in the garden taking macro shots .There is certainly no shortage of content.
I was setting up my camera at my table when this jumping spider stopped by for lunch.

spider and flyspider fly 2spider haing lunchspider lunch 2

This wasp was enjoying the cilantro.


Then I took a picture of this creature. Update: This is an Ambush bug. If you happen to see one of these, a crab spider might also be near-by, they tend to sit in prey around each other.

what the heck

what the heck 2