Adobe photoshop cc 2018

Keep your Bearings

Rebel Girl built a light box and spent at least a day and a half on it. Tonight while she looked through her ornaments I took over.

IMG_8254I took this picture using her macro lens on my tri-pod. I actually took four pictures, focusing from the bottom to the last picture focusing on the top. I photo stacked it in photoshop and this is the result.

Inukshuk – Edited

I took this picture but did not want the sign in it. I had brushed out the full sign because  the phone number was on it.


Got rid of the sign using the clone button on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Then played with the look using a free program called PhotoShop Express:

inuk (3)inuk (4)

I wrote about them before. If you would like to learn more: Click here.

rebel girl


It is not the best, but I was so excited to learn that I could take out a background, that I did not take the time to ensure I had all the hair. Using Adobe PhotoShop CC, I can now add another background.


For people who aren’t new to this, I know it isn’t great. For me, a newbie, I am thrilled and will get better at it. As for the terrible background in the next photo, at that point, I just threw in anything because I was so excited that I did something “techy”  🙂


rebel girl


In the early summer we ran off with our cameras in hand. We took pictures of everything and anything, hoping to get some experience behind the lens. As I look at my older pictures I realize the mistakes I have made. I imagine by the time next summer rolls around I will have made countless more. A couple of years from now I expect to laugh at these old pictures.

overexposed elgin pond
I have been playing with Photoshop for about a week now. This picture is so over exposed, so much so, it really cannot be fixed. The left, where the sun is, is blown right out. I have since learned to not take pictures like the one above.
elgin pond 2