Twenty Minutes In The Garden

This afternoon we had 50 mile an hour winds, not ideal for macro photography but the season is closing fast.
The first picture is moss forming on a Hawthorne tree.
moss on Hawthorne tree
The 2nd is the wild flower (Bell flower) seeding.
Next is a Flea bane seeding.
Flea Bane
Very unusual In Central Ontario to see pole bean flowers. All the beans left on this plant are drying and saved for planting next spring.
Kentucky pole bean flower

Fall Foliage 2

We had a small job to finish up this morning. Neither one of us wanted to go. We loaded up our cameras, and drove country roads on our way home.

Fall trees zephr
I picked a nice spot on a big hill, giving us a view above the trees.
fall trees zephr 2
Fall trees zephr 3
fall trees zephr 4
fall trees zephr5