An Ode to Beer

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter E – Needs to have two E’s in the topic word.


Steam Whistle is a Canadian beer and sells some pretty cool products to go along with it:


There are many Craft Breweries popping up all over. Beer is popular in Canada. Remember Bob and Doug McKenzie? I loved those guys. These are some of the ones Rebel Guy enjoys:


After a few of them, this is where you will probably find him.  🙂


Did I mention he also believes:



Old Flame Brewing Co

Today we were in Port Perry and stopped at The Old Flame Brewing Company. Some might think damn this guy must drink a lot of beer, truth is, I do enjoy a few suds. I can pick these up at our local Beer Store or The Liquor Store. I can get a wide variety of the craft beers in my local stores, but these places look really cool. They have such old western vibe to them. A photographers dream, even an amateur one. As we approached I spotted this old rusted out truck, and thought here we go!

I smiled at Rebel Girl as we approached the front doors.

Old Flame doesn’t disappoint. I swear I stepped back in time.

When we walked in were greeted by Shawna, she was very friendly and told us feel free to take pictures. I tried 3 samplers. A Blonde, Blonde light, and a Brunette. My first picture was of the vats through a glass. But what caught my eye was outside. An old carriage

It turns out Old flames is in the former Ontario Carriage Works building. It was built in 1884. Apparently there was a fire there. The brewery salvaged what they could and named their beer Old Flame. What a pun, beers named red, blonde, brunette. Old Flames 🙂

I bought a few sampler glasses, a growler full of brunette, a 16 oz glass, and two Scary Mary IPA at a whopping 8%. I do enjoy this beer, and Shawna was a great hostess. She didn’t charge me for the samplers and offered us suggestions of where else we could go to take pictures. Honestly made us feel like we were at home in this amazing establishment. Make the trip to Port Perry and see what these folks have to offer. Here are some pics of what I took home.

Rebel Girl took these pictures:

The Second Wedge Brewing Company.

Today we were in Uxbridge Ontario. We spent few hours walking the town. I needed directions to a few places. Well the gods were with me today. A two minute walk from a historical railway led me to a brewery. In fact this railway offers tours and serves  Second Wedge Beer on a short run.

I only sampled one beer as I was driving, 3 Rocks. It’s a well rounded beer, any hops enthusiast would enjoy.

Here is a link to their nectar.