What Is This?

I am switching computers, which means going through photographs, deleting most of them, and posting others.

I forgot about this one. It was a pop can left outside after a family gathering. I was cleaning up the next morning and went to put it in the recycle when I noticed a creepy, clear bug. Spider? I don’t know. It made for a good picture though.


rebel girl

Garden Bugs

I am trying to post all my stored pictures to get ready for fall and winter shots. This way it will force me outdoors and to take new pictures. When I run out of options, I can go on new adventures! 🙂 So, be prepared for a mish mash of pictures over the next few weeks.

These are Striped Cucumber Beetles: (I think)


Some kind of beetle?


Shield Bugs or Beetles?


What Is This?

I found this bug on the Evening Primrose, next to the Crab Spider, and the caterpillar from yesterday. It reminds me of a 1938 Buick 8 front end. Or one of those classic ribbon mics from the 40’s. Update. ( I think The Flying Squirrel solved this. ) ” At that size, I have to change my answer. It’s a leafhopper. Same family as cicadas, but smaller, and still have the Buick front end. That would also explain the short wings. A true cicada would be the size of your thumb”

38 buick front end

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Caterpillar

I went out to do my Twenty Minutes In The Garden. When I walked in the house I was as excited as I was when I took pictures of the Blue Heron. I still have ten minutes to go for my 20 minutes out there. But this one deserves it’s own post.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
At this point I am like where is the head? Got it, they are busy eating Evening Primrose.
Fuzzy eating Evening Primrose
When I had the full face in focus I promptly named it Fuzzy. Funny, the older I get, my hair thins and stands exactly like this, but Rebel Girl takes care of my eyebrows and ears. 🙂
Full frontal


My entry for Cee’s Just a Fun Challenge: Hidden

This is my entry (Rebel Guy). And it is my first challenge that I have participated in.

I was wandering my cucumber garden and spotted something big and dark hiding in a flower.


At first had no idea what it was. I honestly thought something was wrong with that flower. Peek A Boo. It ended up giving me a few striking poses 🙂

Vogue haha.
Maybe I woke him up.