What Is This?

I found this bug on the Evening Primrose, next to the Crab Spider, and the caterpillar from yesterday. It reminds me of a 1938 Buick 8 front end. Or one of those classic ribbon mics from the 40’s. Update. ( I think The Flying Squirrel solved this. ) ” At that size, I have to change my answer. It’s a leafhopper. Same family as cicadas, but smaller, and still have the Buick front end. That would also explain the short wings. A true cicada would be the size of your thumb”

38 buick front end

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Caterpillar

I went out to do my Twenty Minutes In The Garden. When I walked in the house I was as excited as I was when I took pictures of the Blue Heron. I still have ten minutes to go for my 20 minutes out there. But this one deserves it’s own post.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
At this point I am like where is the head? Got it, they are busy eating Evening Primrose.
Fuzzy eating Evening Primrose
When I had the full face in focus I promptly named it Fuzzy. Funny, the older I get, my hair thins and stands exactly like this, but Rebel Girl takes care of my eyebrows and ears. 🙂
Full frontal


My entry for Cee’s Just a Fun Challenge: Hidden

This is my entry (Rebel Guy). And it is my first challenge that I have participated in.

I was wandering my cucumber garden and spotted something big and dark hiding in a flower.


At first had no idea what it was. I honestly thought something was wrong with that flower. Peek A Boo. It ended up giving me a few striking poses 🙂

Vogue haha.
Maybe I woke him up.

One Word Photo Challenge: Insect

My entry for this weeks One Word Photo Challenge.

This is a Dotted Asparagus Beetle. They can destroy asparagus plants by laying eggs in the tips, the larvae feeds inside developing berries and eats away at the foliage.
It takes three years of growth before eating, we won’t be able to eat ours until next year. I will be on the look out for them next summer. Nobody messes with my asparagus! 🙂


Extension Tubes

When I don’t have my wife’s macro lens I have extension tubes. Are they as good? Nope! What they are is a cheap alternative, and they are just as satisfying. I would equate it to eating prime rib for three weeks, then being fed blade steak that was marinated. It was still good but I prefer the prime. I tried it with my 18mm-55mm lens canon, and the results were less than satisfactory. I switched to my 75-300mm and we are getting somewhere

Now I must admit I have only owned a Dlsr for  8 months and admittedly I have lots to learn. You only have to eat prime rib, rib eye, tenderloin, strip loin, once to realize blade steak although beefy is not quite as good.

My pictures are first with the 18-55mm  lens, then of the 75-300mm lens with the tubes beside it. Then my pictures of the same crab spider in evening primrose that I took today that can be found  here. The latter was taken with the 75 -300 mm lens and tubes.