Canon Camera


I bought this broken necklace from a jewelry store and meant to change it up into something new. Never got around to it. She threw in the single earring for free. It doesn’t match the necklace. You can tell I didn’t use the tripod for this one.


These are pieces that I made myself:


I do not have a clue why I keep these huge fake grapes. I thought I would take them apart and make some kind of wind charm or something. Maybe one day. They are so tacky!


rebel girl

Backgrounds or Backdrops

I have been playing around with pictures that I don’t think are good enough to use. I thought if I play around with the look of them, I could use them as a background for something else. That means editing, which I have not mastered yet. There has been some improvement.
I also bought a bunch of sparkly and metallic paper from the dollar store. Construction board and other things. My thinking is that would mean less time editing since there is a nice back drop anyway.
Good idea? I hope it works! What do you prefer when taking a photo of an object?

rebel girl