Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens

Blue Heron

Today we helped my brother pick up a couch, washer and dryer. I took back roads all the way home and spotted a Blue Heron in a creek.

blue Heron

It was eating river bait and not paying any attention to me.

I tried to get a better angle and spooked this beauty.

Blue Heron Getting ready to fly
It finally had enough of me.

Blue Heron Airborne
The wingspan is three feet or more, they are almost in the water.
Blue Heron Airborne2

Reminds me of a stunt pilot.
Blue Heron Airborne3

Forty feet from me it lands and is safe.


Osprey Eating Breakfast

On our way to work I spotted an osprey, this bird made me late by ten minutes. osprey eating fish
I walked a little closer to it.

On my way home I saw another one. I pulled over and tried to take a picture. The osprey moved a quarter mile up the road three times. I finally gave up. I didn’t know until I was home that the first one had a fish.


Practice Makes Perfect

Today on our way home we took an indirect route. I see a hawk almost everyday, determined today we were going to get a picture. In all honesty, for three days I have brought my camera and no sign of the hawk. As we rounded a bend of a country road we spotted a huge turkey vulture gorging on road kill. Believe me, I was smiling ear to ear, he took off and I parked a quarter mile up the road. It never came back. We waited twenty minutes, I took a few of it flying around a mile away.

I spotted a bunch of geese in a river and turned around, we parked and took some pictures. Then I noticed a mallard duck and started to snap away. The one thing about looking at peoples pictures is that you realize quickly where you are not up to par. I want the duck I want the reflection and I think I have it. Rebel Girl says to me on our way home you think that duck was real? It never moved once. I can now safely say I can go back there everyday and practice that same shot until I get shots that many other photographers are taking that I like. I can only imagine the owners of the property killing themselves laughing, as I take my pictures. What will they think when I keep coming back?  🙂decoy duck 2


It was a decoy.
decoy duck 2 (2)

The Moon

Last night my sister in-law was over for dinner. She texted me when she got home to run out look at the moon. We couldn’t see it yet, in fact it was two hours later that we could, and she lives 20 minutes away. When I locked up for bed I took this picture without a tripod. I was using our new 55-250 mm canon. The 75-300 mm canon that came with my camera would have needed a tripod for this shot. IMG_7670