The Daily Post Prompt: Leaf

Here is my entry for The Daily Post Prompt with the topic of Leaf.

I had a free blog for a month or so before this one. When I switched to a paid site the old one was deleted. Some of you might remember this leaf from it. I was so happy with it!


An Ode to Beer

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter E – Needs to have two E’s in the topic word.


Steam Whistle is a Canadian beer and sells some pretty cool products to go along with it:


There are many Craft Breweries popping up all over. Beer is popular in Canada. Remember Bob and Doug McKenzie? I loved those guys. These are some of the ones Rebel Guy enjoys:


After a few of them, this is where you will probably find him.  🙂


Did I mention he also believes:



Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones

My entry in response to Week 75 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge:

These stones are being laid for a wall. They were eventually filled with small trees and flowers. Did I forget to mention a stone fireplace, pit, and all around a salt water pool? Lucky people!


Stone statues:


A fake garden stone:


Various books and gem stones:



K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Fungi.

My entry for K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Fungi.

A few months ago Rebel Mom said something stunk on the one side of our house. We thought maybe something must have died, something did, only it was a tree stump.

Right beside it was what looked like animal legs with hooves coming out of the ground and these egg like blobs. The smell coming off it was bad…like rotted animal. The flies loved it, as you can see:


After doing a quick search I found out what it was. A Stinkhorn, which is in the the same family  as puffballs and earthstars. They start out as the white egg shapes that you see in the pictures, usually around damp or rotting materials, which would be the old tree stump. The majority of this fungi will still be under the ground. I wasn’t about to start digging! If there is water around, the egg will turn into the stinkhorn mushroom.

Photography Update: Rebel Girl

Rebel Guy chose a photo editing program: Corel AfterShot Pro 3. I was using it, much more advanced for me and all it did was crash my computer. His is newer and does not have that problem.

Right now I am happy using my free stuff, the basic photo editor, Paint and Photo Shop Express. I will want better down the road.

We asked a few of Rebel Guy’s brothers close friends for some feedback. He has the most creative group of friends and they make a living doing it. One of them gave us his feedback and some great advice (Thanks, Craig!). One being to name our photographs so they are easier to find. Another was, though it is great to follow challenges, to also create our own personal challenges. Great advice!

I know what I need to work on, so why not challenge myself to master one thing at a time, be it lighting, a setting…the list is long!

From Mundane Mondays, I have learned that we should be able to take anything and make it into a MORE interesting picture. Spruce it up and make it photo worthy.

Normally I would have only posted the hanging garlic bunches I make on our personal blog. This challenged me to find a way of turning garlic into something worth putting on our photo site. This is my attempt:


Ignore the painted black. Note to self – be pickier when it comes to the background!

It also gave me a chance to play with different looks:

That’s all for now. WAIT! No it’s not. Why didn’t I unfold the towel? How is this?


I think I like the top ones better.


Share a link to your Twenty Minutes in the Garden in the comment section. Then we can all see what’s happening around the globe.

I walked around my garden not expecting to find anything to take pictures of. Although the weather is beautiful out things are dying back fast

I spotted a mosquito hawk hiding on a raspberry leaf.
I’m not sure what this is but six of them are eating our asparagus.
And this guy who is definitely not out of place.
Summer is now hanging by a thread

Sunlight on a web