Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage 2

We had a small job to finish up this morning. Neither one of us wanted to go. We loaded up our cameras, and drove country roads on our way home.

Fall trees zephr
I picked a nice spot on a big hill, giving us a view above the trees.
fall trees zephr 2
Fall trees zephr 3
fall trees zephr 4
fall trees zephr5

Fall Foliage

I had hoped to go north today to take pictures of trees changing colours. It is lunch time and it actually looks like it might clear up. Where we live, the trees are around 20 percent coloured. I did manage to take some pictures yesterday. But I cannot wait for 80 percent colour.

Fall colors 2
Fall colors 3
Fall colors 4
Fall colors 5
Fall colors 6