When I posted the five eyed Bee I really wanted to talk about Calendula.  We grow it every year. It is very good for you and your skin. We make an ointment using Calendula, Olive Oil and Beeswax.  It is great for burns and minor wounds. It’s healing properties are so good it is not recommended for deep wounds, as it can heal the top layer locking infection under the skin. Potted Marigold is another name for this  plant. People have been eating and drinking  this flower for centuries . It gets it’s name from calendar, as it flowers  every month depending on your climate.  We use it as a border in our vegetable garden like marigold as a pest deterrent. Its seeds are easy to collect.


Twenty Minutes In The Garden

This afternoon we had 50 mile an hour winds, not ideal for macro photography but the season is closing fast.
The first picture is moss forming on a Hawthorne tree.
moss on Hawthorne tree
The 2nd is the wild flower (Bell flower) seeding.
Next is a Flea bane seeding.
Flea Bane
Very unusual In Central Ontario to see pole bean flowers. All the beans left on this plant are drying and saved for planting next spring.
Kentucky pole bean flower

Stranger Days

After posting my Raspberry and Strawberry pictures today, I wandered the yard looking for the usual, and not so.

Feverfew is invasive but so cool to look at in large clumps in early July. It lasts about 2-3 weeks.

Here it is flowering beside what I will call compost tomatoes. I compost everything around my yard. Black gold is the end result. By the first of October we have had a good frost, and even if we have some warm days after the plants are done for. Not this year. Our lake was still 70 degrees as of last week.
Feverfew and compost tomato.


The last to bloom

I bought a box of wild flower seed at the dollar store and planted four containers. I had Bachelor buttons, Poppy, Black eyed susan, Columbine, Calendula, overall 30 different varieties. This one is 4 feet tall and I am not sure what it is. I should look at the box it is in my greenhouse. Not a bad deal for 2 dollars though.