Twenty Minutes In The Garden

This afternoon we had 50 mile an hour winds, not ideal for macro photography but the season is closing fast.
The first picture is moss forming on a Hawthorne tree.
moss on Hawthorne tree
The 2nd is the wild flower (Bell flower) seeding.
Next is a Flea bane seeding.
Flea Bane
Very unusual In Central Ontario to see pole bean flowers. All the beans left on this plant are drying and saved for planting next spring.
Kentucky pole bean flower

Strange Days Indeed

I knew my Raspberry bush was acting strange for this time of year. By October 1st I have covered my pepper at least 3 times and harvested that weekend. Today I ate my first fall Raspberry ever. It was the sweetest thing, tasted like jam.
I hope I get more. The plant is loaded.
We also have new life with Strawberries. Not so loaded but we are not used to seeing this.


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I walked around my garden not expecting to find anything to take pictures of. Although the weather is beautiful out things are dying back fast

I spotted a mosquito hawk hiding on a raspberry leaf.
I’m not sure what this is but six of them are eating our asparagus.
And this guy who is definitely not out of place.
Summer is now hanging by a thread

Sunlight on a web

It Takes Two

Caught these two in the act. With a quick search I figure them to be asparagus beetles. I planted nine asparagus root last year and scattered them in my garden. I remember seeing a few of these bugs last year. This spring I put another ten asparagus root in their own spot now these buggers are all over my new garden. I guess if you plant it, they will come!IMG_2675

About a month ago I took a shot of what I thought were lady bugs hatching. Now I suspect it was the asparagus beetle as well.