Painted Ladies And A Bottle Of Wine

While at the Drive-In I took pictures of these Painted Lady’s

Painted lady and a bee on Aster at the drive in
butterfly at the drive in
butterfly at the drive in.jpg 3
Rebel Girl and I were both amazed at the amount Of butterflies and bee’s on the Wild Aster.
butterfly at the drive in.jpg 4

I was using Canon Ef 40mm and even managed to get a picture of a Monarch. At first I thought they were all Monarchs. When I spot butterflies on our property they take off . The old Drive-In is a butterfly sanctuary.


I have been watching a monarch butterfly in my garden for weeks. My mother in-law asked me to get a picture.Well they have eyes in the back of their heads, or some kind of super hearing. Only once did I get close enough. I was using my wife’s macro lens at 1-1.

I was trying to follow guidelines to great macro. For one, the subject doesn’t fit in the pic. They also don’t hang around very long. Trial and error should be my title because today I just took the pic available to me.

Happy with getting the monarch shot after what seemed like 3 weeks, I took these pictures:

Anise Hyssop….Hops…Dill Seed tops, just because they rhyme. The last one was tough.

I think the lesson should be just have fun out there.