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Today walking the gardens life is busy around the wildflowers. Update: (I was so happy with the look of the flower, I overlooked the spider on it)

Aster ?
Bee on aster

I spotted a frog but when the flash went off he bolted. I wasn’t sure if I even got a picture.
There are lots of spider webs .Mosquito in web

When I tried to take a picture of a spider he kept running after bee’s and wasp that were hitting the web. I thought to myself I should stay close I might catch some action. The Mosquito hawk I took pictures of the other day, or one just like it landed in the web. The spider pounced and I started snapping.

Spider trapping his meal
I was amazed at the speed the spider worked.
Spider working diligently

And finally a petrified fly or something.


Walking around my gardens for 10 minutes I wondered how i was going to be able to keep posting my twenty minute theme. I took pictures of my Coriander, an ornamental hops plant, and a golden tortoise beetle. The problem was everything else was looking the same.

I wandered off to the back of our property and spotted a small bug in a spider web. Took a picture and looked at it . Well whatever it was I had never seen anything like it. I freed it from the web, cleaned off the cobwebs the best i could and started taking pictures. It is a candy striped leaf hopper. The wind was blowing it around on the table, patiently I kept putting him back in place, then his one wing fell off.

After that I took a few more pics in and around my greenhouse. I have this shot of a male mosquito, which I thought had dandelion fluff on his antenna. Turns out that is the antenna. Some type of cocoon, and clover mites on my pumpkin leaves. I grow my pumpkin in the greenhouse because raccoons kept eating holes in them.