The Daily Post Prompt: Leaf

Here is my entry for The Daily Post Prompt with the topic of Leaf.

I had a free blog for a month or so before this one. When I switched to a paid site the old one was deleted. Some of you might remember this leaf from it. I was so happy with it!



Share a link to your Twenty Minutes in the Garden in the comment section. Then we can all see what’s happening around the globe.

Today walking the gardens life is busy around the wildflowers. Update: (I was so happy with the look of the flower, I overlooked the spider on it)

Aster ?
Bee on aster

I spotted a frog but when the flash went off he bolted. I wasn’t sure if I even got a picture.
There are lots of spider webs .Mosquito in web

When I tried to take a picture of a spider he kept running after bee’s and wasp that were hitting the web. I thought to myself I should stay close I might catch some action. The Mosquito hawk I took pictures of the other day, or one just like it landed in the web. The spider pounced and I started snapping.

Spider trapping his meal
I was amazed at the speed the spider worked.
Spider working diligently

And finally a petrified fly or something.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Caterpillar

I went out to do my Twenty Minutes In The Garden. When I walked in the house I was as excited as I was when I took pictures of the Blue Heron. I still have ten minutes to go for my 20 minutes out there. But this one deserves it’s own post.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
At this point I am like where is the head? Got it, they are busy eating Evening Primrose.
Fuzzy eating Evening Primrose
When I had the full face in focus I promptly named it Fuzzy. Funny, the older I get, my hair thins and stands exactly like this, but Rebel Girl takes care of my eyebrows and ears. 🙂
Full frontal