One Word Photo Challenge

One Word Photo Challenge: Jewelry

My entry for

I used the 50 mm lens this time. I am getting more comfortable using it. I wanted to try different items to show the jewelry.

The following pictures are of jewelry that I have made over the years:

Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Using a boat compass with telescope and LED candles:

Below: I did not make these. I just love them:


One Word Photo Challenge: Insect

My entry for this weeks One Word Photo Challenge.

This is a Dotted Asparagus Beetle. They can destroy asparagus plants by laying eggs in the tips, the larvae feeds inside developing berries and eats away at the foliage.
It takes three years of growth before eating, we won’t be able to eat ours until next year. I will be on the look out for them next summer. Nobody messes with my asparagus! 🙂


One Word Photo: Hummingbird & Weekly Weather: Hurricane Challenges

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of Hummingbird.


Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Weekly Weather Challenge with the topic of Hurricane.