Playing With Light Again

Frank over at Dutch Goes The Photo had posted some pretty cool pictures a while ago and I just had to know how he did it. He was kind enough to re-post some tutorials for everyone to learn from.

Here are the links if you want to try it too:

Abstract Photography: Part  one, Part two and Part three.

Even though I tried it with light, you can do this with flowers or anything else. I know I will be playing around with different objects over the next few days! Thank you, Frank!

Other than slight cropping, there was no editing and no flash was used.

The first one is our Christmas Tree that has very tiny white lights on it:


All of the following photos are of a dollar store fiber optic spray:

Just a little movement in these ones.

Heavier movement in these ones:

rebel girl

Photography Update – Rebel Girl

I have been on a learning curve, though I do try to read as much as possible, I find most of my learning comes from making mistakes. Once I have to change the way I have to do something, I tend not to forget as easily.

I will be switching computers over the next day or so because the photo editing program we have makes this one crash. I want to be able to layer macro shots. Another thing I want to try is playing around with different styles, including a more artistic approach to photography. I still haven’t decided what type of photography I want to do, or just play with everything and not limit myself at all.

Props are something that I think I would like to delve into further. That means getting serious about lighting and using a tripod! I have been quite lazy when it comes to that. 🙂

Mostly, I just crop and resize my pictures. A few times I have played with the look. If nothing is stated, this will mean I have not done any editing. From now on, I will state anything I have used or done to each picture. (Because I will be playing around for a while with different things)

We recently noticed that we can set the time and date for posting. How cool is that? We can write a bunch of posts to come up whenever we want and don’t even have to be home. Such newbies!

That’s all for now. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

Oh, and Go Leafs Go! 🙂 <——— Life is so exciting right now!