Photoshop Express

Inukshuk – Edited

I took this picture but did not want the sign in it. I had brushed out the full sign because  the phone number was on it.


Got rid of the sign using the clone button on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Then played with the look using a free program called PhotoShop Express:

inuk (3)inuk (4)

I wrote about them before. If you would like to learn more: Click here.

rebel girl

Photoshop Express – I Didn’t Have it.

Am I the only one? All this time I could have had it for free! I had been talking about photo editing programs with Rezinate for some time, not sure what one to use. Adobe Photoshop would be my choice but I just don’t want to pay a monthly fee. It would be different if photography was not a hobby and I was making an income from it.

I down loaded trials and free ones. Everything was just a huge learning curve and I wanted quick and easy. I do remember Rezinate mentioning PSE. I thought it was something else and downloaded the wrong thing!

My computer is a bit older, as is the windows program I use. I didn’t have anything but this basic editor. After deleting loads of pictures that I thought could never be saved, I went to windows to see if they had anything. PSE. I think that is what Rezinate was telling me the whole time!

From this:



To this:


That was one click using auto fix and nothing else. Do I feel stupid or what?