Fiber Optic Spray Lamp

Rebel Girl bought a fiber optic lamp at the dollar store. I noticed that a strand of garland with led lights on it were illuminating the fiber optics lamp as well, even though it was off . I took several pictures and then our tv went to a commercial with blue screen, lighting the optic lamp even more.

christmas stuff


In the early summer we ran off with our cameras in hand. We took pictures of everything and anything, hoping to get some experience behind the lens. As I look at my older pictures I realize the mistakes I have made. I imagine by the time next summer rolls around I will have made countless more. A couple of years from now I expect to laugh at these old pictures.

overexposed elgin pond
I have been playing with Photoshop for about a week now. This picture is so over exposed, so much so, it really cannot be fixed. The left, where the sun is, is blown right out. I have since learned to not take pictures like the one above.
elgin pond 2

My Father And I On Halloween 2008

Halloween is closing in fast. Here is a picture of my father and I from a few years back. He passed this March, but in the photo his legend lives on. I am the big guy. I stand 9 feet tall at work and on Halloween. 🙂 Muahahahahha.
Halloween Dad and I

Usually I prop myself against the wall. No one thinks I am real as I am so big. We have had a mother come back to our house because she dropped her purse. Sometimes I have chased people down the road with my 4 foot stride. After so many years I thought it was getting old . Kids and parents alike would ask why no big guy.
Dad and I Halloween 2