Remembrance Day

Last Georgina Military Museum Post

If you would like to see all of the Museum Posts, you will find the list here.

It is a great place to visit. I would like to thank Martin for sharing his knowledge and for being so kind for letting us in on a day that it was not open. If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit this museum. They have a web site you can visit by clicking here.


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Recognition Of Effort

This is my last post on our trip to Georgina Military Museum. They are a non profit organization that provide school tours  and the general public  presentation of the involvement of members of our society in Canadian wartime conflicts of past and present. They present the struggles of war from all sides, educating the community as to the tragedy of war and the necessity of making every effort to prevent armed conflict.

GMM excepts donations (uniforms, medals, maps, dairies and log books, regimental photographs, and so forth.)

canadian banner

Queen Elizabeth, Vera lynn 
women at war
Princess Elizabeth changing tire. The Queen – who served with the Number 1 ‘Beaufront’ Company, Auxiliary Territorial Service
Queen elizabeth changing tires

A Moment Of Silence

A moment of silence, lest we forget, never again. 

Wise words from a world that was suffering from Posttraumatic stress disorder. 

We were at Georgina Military Museum yesterday . Here are some pictures of provisions used around the world during both WW1 and WW2 .


Gas mask sleeping bag helmet and goggles
german field telephone
german gas mask
Japaneese display
knives used on the battlefields
knives 2
machine gun
machinegun 2
radio packpack
scottish uniform

Remembrance Day

In Canada we celebrate Remembrance Day On Nov 11th. Formally known as Armistice day. World war one ended at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.  Countries who honor this day recognize all soldiers who gave their lives in war. It is estimated that close to 40 million people died in WW1. And 60 million in the second.

Georgina Military Museum

Georgina Military Museum

We stopped here on our way through Keswick, Ontario. It is open Saturday and Sunday. We were not sure of the hours and were happy to take pictures of the vehicles on the property. A man was leaving as we pulled in we asked him if they were open, and if he minded if we took pictures of the tanks. He told us to feel free and headed out, then ended up turning around and giving us a tour of the buildings. We were there about an hour. His name is Martin and he is the Vice President of the Museum. He gave us a great tour. Here are some of my pictures.

British Military Helmet

The First Canadian Contingent.
First Canadian Contingent.
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

The View In A Scope (it weighed about 20 pounds.)
scoped view
Canon Ammo And Various Projectiles.
Canon Ammo
More to come tomorrow.

Georgina Military Museum

We stopped at the Georgina Military Museum thinking we would take a few pictures of the vehicles outside. The snow started falling last night, and everything was covered in it. The building is closed through the week but we saw a man leaving the building and was pulling out of the lot.

I asked him if it was okay to take some photos and handed him our card. He actually pulled back in and opened the museum for us. His name was Martin and he is the Vice President of the museum. We were there for an hour. He gave us a good look around inside both buildings and told us so many things that we had no idea about the war.

The pictures I have are just a small sample of what you will see if you plan to visit. I forgot to tell him that I would send any of our pictures to him if he wanted. I also want to thank him for being so kind.

I will be doing another post (with pictures) tomorrow for Remembrance Day.

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Military Tank – Edit

We visited the Georgina Military Museum and took a bunch of pictures. Both of us will be posting about it tonight and tomorrow.

I took a picture of this tank:


I did not want the van, flag pole and hydro lines in the photo. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 to the rescue with the clone button. Then I used the free program PhotoShop Express to change the look.

donetank (2)

Not 100% perfect. I do see an improvement though.

Stay tuned for many more photos from our visit.

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