Geese In Flight

Last night I was outside barbecuing and playing with my camera. I was using the 40 and 50 mm. Canon lenses. I like that I was able to shoot with one, with the other in my pocket. .

In the distance I could hear geese flying my way. With no time to go in and grab our 55-250 mm. I just aimed and clicked. I am very pleased with the ease of use of both these lenses, and how compact they are. I was surprised with how close I could get with the 50 mm, considering the geese were forty feet above me.

Head In The Clouds

I like taking pictures of the sky, especially when a storm is brewing. When the birds start coming into shore you know you are in for a show. I also like when it dissipates, and the sun starts peaking through.

I was using my 75-300 zoom lens. Anyone have suggestions for what lens would be more appropriate for these types of shots?

Rebel Mom Wants a New Camera

My mom has been looking at our photo’s and caught the bug. She has a Canon Sure Shot. I have an old one and was quite happy with it. After taking shots like these…

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…she wants a camera with a macro and zoom lens. She is torn between buying a Canon or Nikon. She wants to spend less on the camera and more on the lens. Anyone have a moderately priced one. Any preference on brand? Input would be appreciated.