solar hummingbird


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Before I went outside I took a picture of a gift Rebel Girl gave her mother to go in her flower gardens. Our niece told her they were on sale last week. When they opened it the beak was off, and it was not in the box. My mother in-law is a very good gardener. I’m not bragging but I think she is award winning. We came home yesterday and her humming bird had a beak. After four or five unsuccessful guesses to what it was, she told us it was a thorn from one of our Hawthorne trees. It is solar powered and they are both wondering if it is too pretty for outside in the gardens. 🙂


I spotted something yesterday making a mess of one of my dill plants. Today I knew exactly where I was going to take pictures. I cut the top off and sat down at the table to see what I had, there’s not much to see by eye. When I took the shot I knew it was a Caterpillar, the question is are you friendly or a nuisance? They might be American Butterflies. If anyone can identify this, I would love to know.

I then realized they were not alone.

I guess the moral question is do I intervene? I could squish the spider and bring the caterpillars inside, or just let nature take its course. I’ve never wanted outside interference in my life, so nature wins.

I propped the dill stem up on my table against my umbrella stand and will monitor daily if I can.

Never mind the dill, I found this cool wasp on our hummingbird feeder. I swear he posed for me. Who stops eating to look into a camera lens?
This is a bald-faced hornet.