Tyrone Mills

Tyrone Mills Products

This will be the last post on Tyrone Mills. I could not resist buying some of their products. This is what I bought minus the old fashioned doughnuts and sourdough bread that is now long gone! Both were so good and fresh!


The Apple Spice Muffin Mix was only $11.00 Canadian for a 2.5 Kg bag, with simple ingredients that I did not need a dictionary to find out what was in it! All I have to do is add water. I can’t wait to bake some up!

The organic coconut flour was only $5.75 for a 1.25 kg bag. Where are you going to get organic for that price? Gluten and grain free flour! I just found a site that has hundreds of recipes for it too. You can find them at Coconut Mama.

The Cake and Pastry flour was $4.95 for a 5.5 kg bag.

We can’t wait to try the Caramelized Onion Chutney. I bet it will be good.

It is worth driving out of your way to visit Tyrone Mills. I am sure we will be going back to buy some gifts for Christmas. In the meantime you can see what they have to offer visit their website here.

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More About Tyrone Mills

Quote from their site:

This is a traditional water-powered mill, built in 1846. It serves as a historical attraction with scenic views, local products and warm atmosphere.

The Tyrone Mills Limited has been owned and operated by Robert Shafer over the last 30 years – but its history stretches back far greater than that! Over the last 170 years, the Tyrone Mills has been a grist mill, flour mill, lumber mill, apple cider producer, historic tour center, bakery, and rural community center. Today, it continues to preserve its traditional roots through continual use of its water power in lumber manufacturing and flour production.

You can visit their site here.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to this place. Everyone was so friendly. The staff was helpful and polite. We will be going back there again, I can tell you that. Do not pass this gem!

This will be the last post of some of the things you can see here. The final post (coming later today) will show some of the things we bought. How can one pass up getting fresh ground flour at a fabulous price?


Hope you enjoyed these posts. If you would like to see all of them, click here and look under the town of Tyrone. (There will be eight posts)

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Tyrone Mills Bakery

Tyrone Mills

While be were paying for our flour and chutney, Robert came in with a tray of wood fired oven fresh bread, stone ground on site and baked outside. We bought a loaf of sour dough bread. It was still warm. I followed Robert out to the oven and took some pictures of him in action.
And here is the loaf of bread that I tried with my dinner tonight. It was fantastic. Thanks Robert. We were going to post the old fashioned sugar donuts after dinner, but they were camera shy, due to the fact we ate them all.
tyrone mills sourdough bread

Tyrone Mills My First Visit

Tyrone Mills

Tyrone is a small hamlet north of Bowmanville. It is like going back in time. When I entered the mill it was hard to contain myself. I love old buildings, antiques and equipment. On the main floor they have a shop selling preserves ground flour, maple syrup, wood fired pizza, breads, apple cider, wood workings and many other products.

Assorted Flour
Vanstone flour
merlin flour
Voight Milling
beamis A
We started chatting with John Whincop who was selling wood working. Woodalicious are his creations. He showed us a canoe he re-purposed in to a shelf made by Sears.
sears canoe shelf
He had various bread boards,cutting boards, and other wooden products,Using wood from the mill.
Next I am heading upstairs to see the lumber mill and wood shop.

Tyrone Mills Eye Candy

Quote from their website:

Open year-round, the mill offers visitors a chance to witness Canadian History and Culture in action. Each season of the year adds to the unique character to the mill. Whether it is drinking hot apple cider to chase away the winter chill, Rob Shafer working steadfast in the lumber yard in the spring, visitors enjoying a scenic walk along the dam in the summer, or shoppers enjoying our baking and festivities in the fall. The mill not only offers a range of quality products, but also a sense of community connection. If you have not yet had the chance to come visit – please do! And, for those of you who have – we look forward to welcoming you again soon. The Shafer family.

Visit their website here.

If you are ever near Tyrone, do not miss the opportunity to visit Tyrone Mills. This post is just about the decor they have throughout the building. They sell many different products including baked goods, flours, baking products, hand crafted products and many things perfect for gift giving. We could have spent hours there.


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Tyrone Mills

Today was my last day driving through Tyrone. Well, for a little while anyways. I saved this post for last for several reasons. It was the first thing that caught my eye, I knew it was going to take time to look around, and the place was always busy. We drove past Tyrone Mills  six days in a row.

Tyrone Mills
Tyrone Mills entrance
Tyrone Mills is owned and operated by Robert Shafer for the last 30 years. Keeping with a 170 year tradition Robert runs a grist mill, flour mill, lumber mill, apple cider production, historic tour center, bakery, and rural community center. The mill is still operating on water power in lumber manufacturing and flour production.

Chute from the mill

There are several more posts to come.